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Global Company Formation is a specialist intermediary that is customized to your specific requirements 

£100 inc. documents,registered office & mail box

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Company Registration

Trustco Services will handle all aspects of the process for incorporating your company and Company Registration in Switzerland. This will involve:
Discussing options and taking instructions from you, preparation and signature of all Fiduciary and Legal Agreements, opening of capital bank accounts for the capital of the company, preparing all incorporation documentation including the Foundation documentation including the Memorandum and Articles of Association (in German).
Arranging and attending the Notary Meeting to effect the incorporation and submission of all relevant incorporation documentation to the Commercial Registry for Company Registration.
Securing the Commercial Registration of the Company that will then enable it to commence trading. This overall process will normally take 5 days.
Post Incorporation:
  • Once the Company has been incorporated and registered there are a number of primary post incorporation tasks that need to be completed which we perform on your behalf namely:
  • Agreeing with you a chart of accounts for your Company and setting up an Accounting Mandate for your Company. Under Swiss law accounting records of the business are required to be maintained in Switzerland.
  • Discussing with you your business plans in a little more detail and preparation of a summary budget for the first 12 months of trading.
  • Establishing invoice and letterhead templates
  • Setting up bank accounts for the Company including in most cases online banking arrangements.
  • Registering the Company for Swiss VAT (where applicable)
  • Agreeing financial reporting formats and frequencies with you.
  • Agreeing with you operational policies with regard to the issue and receipt and payment of invoices and management of accounting records.  
  • Agreeing with you operational processes relating to the setting up and forwarding of telephone calls, faxes, emails, and postal communications and suchlike.

After Formation is complete the Company moves into an Administration phase where we provide on-going Administrative services covered by a Company Administration Agreement, based at our offices in  Zurich.

Call our Swiss company advisers for further details and to arrange appointment.

Registered Office Address

This service is aimed at multinational companies that require an address abroad without setting up a physical office themselves. Global Company Formation Group provides the official address of international entities in addition to other available corporate secretarial services as detailed below.

Mail handling Services

Global Company Formation Group can be assigned to open and scan all mail received by international entities and forward a soft copy of the relevant documents to a designated company contact.

Mail Box Service

  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • 24 hour access via key card.
  • Night duty security staff.
  • We wil Fax or text registered box owner when deliveries made.
  • Iphone & Android monitoring via mobile app (link up to our CCTV cameras).
  • Mailboxes within inner room.
  • Four different sized mail boxes to choose from.
  • Mail can be forwarded to private office/residential address, by next day delivery.

Full secretarial services available at our Zurich and Zug offices together with office space in Zurich.

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